Walk-My-Dog West Michigan

Jelsema Vet Clinic

Safe, fun, outdoor activity while maintaining social distance

As a good neighbor during this Covid-19 pandemic, we are launching our free Walk-My-Dog Program.

What is the Walk-My-Dog Program?

It’s simple, fun, and good for you and your furry family members. The concept is similar to a library’s summer reading program, but instead of reading books, participants are walking miles with their dogs.

Walk your own dog(s) on your own schedule and on your own route to win prizes.

Why do it?

Fear, anxiety and stress are at an all-time high. Getting outdoors and walking your dog decreases anxiety, and stress and increases your bond even while social distancing. Studies show that folks who have a training partner are more likely to stay motivated and fit -and that is especially true if your training partner is a dog! Pull out the leash and the tail is wagging – how can you say no?

“A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.”

– O.A. Battista

Ready, Set, Walk!

Who can participate? 
  • All ages
  • Clients
  • non-clients
  • Dog-owners
  • non-dog-owners (Yes, we don’t even require you to own your own dog)

Track Your Distance

  • Walkers can use any route, any time of day, as long as they are also walking with a dog.
  • Walk your dog, a friend’s dog, or even with your family group walking a dog.
  • Participate on our Facebook page sharing your tips and photos for great neighborhood routes and memories.
  • Email your walking photos to [email protected] for use on our Facebook, Instagram, and website to help encourage others to keep going!

Meet Your Goal and Win!

  • From September 6 – September 14, walkers may email us their logs
  • Walkers may only count the distance walked from August 1 to September 5th.

Prizes (choose your level based on mileage)

  • Each individual who turns in a log, will be entered into a drawing for a Free Wellness Exam at our clinic
  • 15 miles – Squeaky Ball
  • 30 miles – Doggie waste bag and Squeeky Ball
  • 50 miles – Water Bottle, Doggie Waste Bag and Squeeky Ball
  • 75 miles – Free Certificate for a Wellness Exam, Water Bottle, Doggie Waste Bags and Squeeky Ball

PARTY!!!!!! Prizes will be awarded at our “Big Dog Party” to celebrate everyone’s participation in the #WalkMyDog-WestMichigan challenge. Party will be held on October 3rd. Location TBD

Overall Mileage Winners

Top distance walked in the following categories will be awarded additional prizes.


  • Grade school (grade K-5)
  • Middle school (grade 6-8)
  • High school (grade 9-12)
  • Adult (age 18-54)
  • Senior (age 55+)


  • Toy Breed (1-10 pounds)
  • Small Breed (11-25 pounds)
  • Medium Breed (26-50 pounds)
  • Large Breed (over 50 pounds)


Shout out to Michael from Family Pet Health in Murpheysboro, TN for helping us put our event together!